The Biggest Mistakes Principal Jimenez Ever Made

by hankveer

Behind these walls….


The corrupt, malicious, and infamous Principal Jimenez has caused all the chaos you are about to read…





1. Removing Mr. Thomas and placing him in the “Rubber Room”

In Jimenez’s first year he placed Mr. Thomas in the rubber room after falsely accusing him of breaking chancellor’s regulations. The true reason he sought Mr. Thomas’s removal was because he believed Mr. Thomas had contacted his superiors to inform them of a practice that was out of compliance with city and state regulations. Thus, he began a professional witch-hunt and conjured a way to have Mr. Thomas removed from his position as math teacher, a position he held for 19 years with more than satisfactory service tendered. Mr. Thomas spent over a year in the rubber room before the he was found innocent an allowed to return to the school He received a standing ovation before the entire staff as a welcome back gesture. He retired about a year later. When he was initially removed the school responded with social outcry and backlash against Mr. Jimenez or his spiteful and malicious professional attack on Mr. Thomas. This led to a school protest where more than 500 students participated. From this day forward Mr. Jimenez declared war on any teacher who supported Mr. Thomas. This was not the only protest that occurred under the reign of Principal Jimenez.



2. The Hiring of Mr. Albetta


Mr. Albetta resigned from an administrative position at Automotive High School. Thus, he was placed into the absentee teacher reserve pool where a friend of Mr. Jimenez got him a teaching position in MCSM in the physical education department. Since the day he was hired he pledged loyalty to Jimenez in return for an administrative position when the opportunity came. In return he became a stool pigeon for Mr. Jimenez. Mr. Albetta was rewarded with a dean’s position. There was much controversy surrounded his exiting of Automotive High School but the principal there viewed him as a moral hazard and shed him from her cabinet as fast as possible. That principal’s trash became Principal Jimenez’s treasure. Throughout his employment at MCSM Mr. Albetta engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with Ms. Magee, a special education teacher. It seems that many school administrators turn to special education teachers for sexual gratification. Mr. Albetta is married with two children yet chose to cheat on his wife with a colleague. Magee and Albetta have been seen kissing and holding hands. Mr. Albetta also spends a great deal of time in Ms. Magee’s office despite her not being one of his teachers that he supervises.

Mr. Albetta is untrustworthy and is loathed by the majority of the school community. He views his staff as pawns he tries to manipulate at every juncture. He severely lacks empathy and he makes awful decisions when it comes to personnel and especially during crisis and unstructured problems. He is a jealous and spiteful person who behaves in ways that only improve his situations. He exacerbates student issues and lies to parents and staff members. He ascended to his positions through nepotism and scandals.


Here are some famous quotes from Mr. Albetta:

1. “I’m going to need you to distance yourself from this union. Otherwise I can’t guarantee that you’ll be here next September.”

2. “Can’t cum inside no pussy? What are you? A fag?”

3. “You know why Weinfeld has all the jobs he has? Because he’s a greedy fucking jew.”

4. “Differentiated instruction to me is when students pair and share.”

5. “Doing cocaine is the best feeling in the whole world. I always keep a bag of coke and some weed in my sock drawer. We should do some coke together one day, on me”

6. “Cheating on my wife is easy. What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. I just look her in the eye and lie every time. It never fails.”

7. “As your direct supervisor I would hate to ever have to investigate you” [Then he investigates 80% of everyone in his departments]

8. “This is my department now. The first thing I’m going to do is get rid of that stupid fucking Jamaican.” [On his first day as AP of P.E.]

9. “I don’t understand anything that stupid fucking Jamaican says, He’s the first person I’m gonna get. It’s just a matter of time. He’s so fuckin’ dumb it will be so easy”

10. Mrs. Bonnick is useless. What a waste of money she is. She does nothing. She should just retire.”

11. “Jaywana Bradley? She’s a ghetto black dyke bitch. Be careful messing with her.”

12. “The code word for imminent school-wide intruder is [Mr. Dublin has left the building.]” – I don’t know why but this is my personal favorite because “The Eagle has landed” is the code word for pay day.

13. “So I came to the rescue with the extinguisher and put the fire out. There was smoke everywhere. I was like Holy Shit but in the end I put it out”

14. “The rumor has it that you are the next Peter Sell. You don’t want to be like one of these fucking hippies like Mr. Brooks or Bob McCue.”

15. “I’m going to need you to speak up at union meetings and tell everyone the changes I am making are good for the school. Spread the word how good I am for the school.” – Okay no seriously, this is the best one. Need I explain it?

16. “Jimenez has no presence. I keep telling him what to do but he never listens to me. He spends way too much time hiding in his office. If I was principal I’d show him a thing or two” – Yet you’ve created a permanent residence inside the man’s anus.

17. “I need you to chill out with these emails. When I become principal in 4 or 5 years you can have my job but for now stop writing emails, those things are public record.”

18. “Education is big business. I’ve been in it a long time.” – Too long if you ask anyone with a single brain cell.

19. “Mike (Salek) is a jack of all trades but a master of none. He has no vision. He is constantly in a reactive mode. I do things differently. I am so proactive. I should have his job. He runs home right after 8th. He doesn’t put the time in to be good at what he does.”

20. “Excuse me. Are you threatening me?” – Said to a man walking away from him who verbally requested a meeting in a calm demeanor.

21. “Wendy (Ms. Muskat), just because you’re not a dean anymore doesn’t mean you can’t keep your desk in the dean’s office…”

22. “I don’t want you to continue this investigation. We are not the FBI. We are in the business of education.” – Um, I thought investigations were part of getting to the truth of a crisis? I guess that means nothing to Albastard.

23. “I don’t know why that parent was so mad at me. He accused me of obstructing justice.”

24. “Crystal Brown is a dumb incompetent nigger. She owes me money from last year for coaching. Just like all black people, you never get what they owe you when it comes to money.”

25. “Just because I’m the athletic director doesn’t mean I have to talk to coaches.”

26. “There is no money in the budget for sports teams this year.” 2009

26a. “There is no money in the budget for sports teams this year.” 2010

26b. “There is no money in the budget for sports teams this year.” 2011

26c. “There is no money in the budget for sports teams this year.” 2012

26d. “There is no money in the budget for sports teams this year.” 2013

27. “If you sell certain types of candy in the school you will be written up for violating chancellor’s regulations.”

28. “Your teaching methods would never work in a bad school.” – Do any teaching methods work in a bad school?

29. “I haven’t decided if you are a good teacher or not. You need more weathering. I’ll let you know in a year or two.”

30. “I know nothing about social studies but I know a good lesson when I see one.” – Oh really? really? seriously? Are you sure?

31. “Everything is corporal punishment.”

32. “You could lose your job if you let a student help you put away those volleyball poles.”

33. “Stella fucks you up. I’ll have another please.”

34. “Forget the suspension for now. I need you to take down your facebook status immediately.”

35. “I wish I could remember all the things that have happened since I began teaching. I’d write a book.” – Too bad it would cost thousands of dollars to proofread and be boring as fuck since you write and read on a 3rd grade level.

36.  “I’m voting for Obama.”

37. “I don’t follow sports.”

38. “Mr. Pollack (Poh-Lok), What do you think?” REPLY:”It’s Pronounced Pahl-Ik” …… “Mr. Pollack (Poh-Lok), What do you think?”

39. “You have to use Skedula or you will face the consequences.”

40. “I’m going to try to hire some hot female gym teachers. We don’t need any Bull Dikes in here. We need some eye candy around here.”

41. “I don’t really care if our teams win or lose. I just care that the students get something out of the experience.”

42. “I don’t care what anyone says I’d bang Magee. Have you seen her fucking tits lately? Plus her tattoos mean she’s probably a freak who takes it up the ass!”



3. The Hiring of Mr. Hernandez

This hiring was a direct result of the Mr. Albetta hiring. Mr. Hernandez was also a gym teacher in Automotive and Albetta needed an ally at MCSM. Mr. Hernandez’s entire interview process was a sham from the start. Mr. Albetta told him the 5 questions Mr. Jimenez was going to ask during the interview and told him exactly how to answer them. He also personally recommended Mr. Hernadez to Mr. Jimenez. While many other suitable candidates resumes were tossed in the garbage the second biggest moral hazard was hired to teach gym at MCSM, Mr. Henandez. Less than 2 years after being hired to teach Mr. Hernandez was granted a dean’s position for being a loyal croney for Mr. Jimenez. Conveniently, he worked under none other than Mr. Albetta who was later promoted to head of security. He was considered by the school community to be an ineffective disciplinarian, callous in nature, self-centered and cruel to students. For this he was rewarded with the head coaching position for the boy’s varsity soccer team. They didn’t win a single game in 2 seasons. His all-time coaching record in the PSAL is of the worst of all time in DOE history. Perhaps the most egregious & regrettable thing Mr. Hernandez ever did was call Jamaul Melville (An African American, Special Education Student) Trayvon Martin in front of 50 of his classmates. The student started to cry and the incident was reported. Mr Jimenez was aware of the incident and took no disciplinary action against Mr. Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Albetta are notorious for bigotry and especially alcoholism. People like this do not belong in schools. After Mr. Hernandez stopped being a dean Mr. Jimenez granted him the COSA (Coordinator of Senior Activities) position. This was the most horrendous personnel decision ever to be made. The seniors refused to participate in any events that Mr. Hernandez was associated with. As a result, the 2014 senior trip was canceled for the first time in MCSM history. What good is a coordinator of senior activities if the seniors will not be active because of the person selected to coordinate? Also, as chaperon for prior senior events students have been caught using drugs, some were hospitalized for overdosing and Mr. Hernandez was their supervisor. Again, he faced no disciplinary action from the principal. Instead, the principal tried to lay the blame squarely on his opposition. There is no justice or equality in MCSM.


Here are some famous quotes from Mr. Hernandez:

1. “If it were up to me, I’d tear down every basketball rim in the entire DOE. I can’t stand the entire basketball culture. Basketball Players think they deserve special treatment. I’m glad Jimenez doesn’t allow unofficial recruiting in our school”

2. “In my old school I used to root for other coaches to lose, I know it’s fucked up but I don’t care.”

3. “You should have worked in the school I came from. When I had lunchroom duty I felt like a prison guard trying to keep these monkeys in line. They would literally try to kill each other over their spot in the lunch line”

4. “In my old school I had sex with one of my students parents. Crazy right?”

5. “What’s the matter with everyone in this department? Doesn’t anyone want to work around here?”

6. “I like when we hire people who make my job easier. If they don’t make my life easier I don’t want them in the school.”

7. “Do you like Mr. McCue? Because I can’t stand that guy.”

8. “These people at MCSM have it so easy, they have no idea what it’s like to work in a school I worked in. They are all spoiled. Jimenez should just get rid of all of them. They are poison.”

9. “Hey you in the red hoody. TRAYVON MARTIN, get over here!

10. “Now that Albetta is the boss he is going to expect special treatment. You all need to watch how you talk to him and show him the respect he deserves.”

11. “Mr. Albetta hates teaching. Why do you think he wanted to become an AP? He NEVER wants to go back to the classroom again.”

12. “I agree. Mr. Albetta is wearing too many hats and he’s definitely going to mess up a lot with all these new responsibilities but whatever.”

13. “I’ll show you how to handle Mr. Albetta. Just agree with everything he says. Never talk back to him because ya know he’s a shark. He’s very sensitive and whatever he says goes. Just nod your head and go along with whatever he wants even if you think he’s dead wrong.”

14. “I can’t stand Student A,B,C, he/she is a ghetto black bitch. Watch you’ll see how I handle these kids. I’m going to be so strict they are going to hate me.”

15.”You don’t do your job properly. You just let the kids do whatever they want. If I wanted to I could get the students to like me. Watch I bet you in one year all the students will like me.”

16. “This school is the best school for me. There’s so much room to advance. There will be plenty of AP jobs and Comp-Time positions soon. Just give Jimenez a chance to clear out some dead weight and I will move up easily. Just gotta be patient.”

17. “We are going to do a soccer unit for 8 weeks. I don’t care if the kids hate it. I want to do soccer so that’s what we are going to do.”

18. “Felicia Bray is good for nothing other than her big black horses ass. I can’t stand that fat black bitch Ms. Milton. She’s always rolling her eyes in faculty meetings. I can’t wait till Jimenez gets rid of her.”

19. “I don’t want any kids in the office for any reason whatsoever. They don’t belong there. This is MY office, not theirs.”

20. “To be honest, I come to this school for me. The kids come second. I’ll admit it.”

21. “Whoever was involved in this student complaint is going to lose their job. Mark my words.”

22. “Grad school is a complete joke. These assignments are so stupid. I can’t wait till I’m finished so I can be a dean or an AP. I want that job. I want it.”

23. “I can’t stand Mitch. He’s the senior teacher in the department and he’s so fucking lazy. Plus he has all those extra jobs. Why do you think he has so many per-session jobs? It’s because he’s a greedy fucking kike.”

24. “I’m so happy Mr. Albetta is finally an AP. This means more control. You’ll see, slowly but surely we will have all the power in the school. It’s just a matter of time.”

25. “Honestly I hate union meetings, they are a complete waste of time. All it is, is a bunch of hippy teachers whining about the stupidest shit, I don’t even go most of the time.”

26. “Mr. Mitru is one of the best gym teachers ever. I learned a lot from him and so will you.”



4. The Sexual Harrassment and Illegal Termination of Assistant Principal Felicia Bray

Here is the official news story that NBC covered:

In a nutshell, Felicia Bray was the AP of Organization and later demoted to AP of Phys Ed. After spurning several sexual affronts from Principal Jimenez she decided to take action by gathering evidence to support her claim. During this process Mr. Jimenez soured on her and was eager to make a vacancy available for his henchman Mr. Albetta

Here is how this debacle began:

Coach Leon put in a considerably large equipment request that would have cost the school 10,000.00 dollars. When he submitted to Felicia Bray, The treasurer, she ran it by Mr. Jimenez verbally in front of Mr. Leon. Mr. Jimenez agreed to the request. When the bill arrived for the equipment Mr. Jimenez backpedalled and claimed he never authorized such a purchase. Since it was a verbal agreement he called in Mr. Albetta who was just recently appointed to Athletic Director. Mr. Albetta conjured up a statement claiming that the order should have passsed through him first since he was the Athletic Director. He also stated in writing that he never received the purchase order and thus Mr. Jimenez had the documentation he needed to remove Felicia Bray. Conveniently, just 2 weeks later Mr. Albetta was hired as an Assistant Principal as he and Mr. Jimenez colluded illegally to create the vacancy by removing Felicia Bray. Ms. Bray filed a lawsuit and it can be found online if you search for the case files.


5. The Coercion of Coach Leon

After this event Mr. Jimenez knew his only loose end was Coach Leon who witnessed him verbally authorize the purchase. While Bray’s case was going on he was harassed and approached by Mr. Albetta and Mr. Jimenez to give false testimony and support them. Coach Leon refused and his harassment continued. They cut his team funding and hamstrung him when it came to baseball related events such as practice schedules, permits, and especially funding.


6. The Appointment of Mr. Albetta to Assistant Principal

As I stated before the Bray incident was the first catalyst that allowed Mr. Albetta to become an Assistant Principal. The second and literal catalyst was a suspicious fire that started in the first floor boy’s bathroom on a brisk November day shortly after Bray was removed. 2 students claimed they saw Mr. Albetta, a dean at the time, entering and exiting the bathroom several times during 7th period that day. Finally they saw him exit the bathroom when smoke suddenly billowed under the door. Immediately Mr. Albetta ran into the bathroom to try and be a savior to the school. He called for help over the radio but for all intensive purposes he was the first responder. The school was evacuated and an early dismissal ensued. Principal Jimenez feigned outrage towards Mr. Salek, the AP of Security of the time and praised Mr. Albetta for saving the school from certain doom. This event triggered the removal of Mr. Salek from AP of Security and the official hiring of Mr. Albetta as AP of Security, Health and Physical Education. Several months later he was named the AP of Social Studies which was the most outrageous appointment in DOE history. Mr. Albetta had no content specialty whatsoever in Social Studies and he already held 4 other titles. It was impossible for him to do all those jobs alone. As a result all areas Mr. Albetta was placed in charge of suffered terribly. Social Studies became a joke with no leadership. Physical Education, Mr. Albetta’s license area was severely neglected since it was a non-regents course. Health teachers were hired who were not certified to teach health. Security began to rapidly decline just 1 year after Mr. Albetta took over as AP of Security. He had abysmal relationships with the school safety agents and their level 3 NYPD colleague. With Mr. Silvers demoted from dean, the only deans in place officially were Wendy Muskat and Mr. Hernandez. Mr. De Cruz, who did his administrative internship under Mr. Jimenez was named a dean but the title was stripped from him because the union rejected the notion of Mr. Silvers being demoted for no apparent reason other than Mr. Albetta not liking him personally. Instead Mr. De Cruz was named as a cafeteria coordinator which allowed him to have the free time to pursue dean responsibilities. He was given a walky-talky and ironically, some regarded him as the most effective dean that year because he was a fair disciplinarian who had the respect of the majority of the school community. His hall clearing abilities and positive relationships with students made him an effective mediator and deterrent to inappropriate behavior. This of course made Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Albetta extremely jealous but still they could not argue with the results. The school was relatively safer than usual and the halls were clear. Most people are dumbfounded to hear that Mr. Albetta holds the following titles:

AP of Security

AP of Physical Education & Health

AP of Social Studies

Former Athletic Director

It would seem that each and every one of these positions should be occupied by a separate person but Jimenez’s way of punishing his staff is too keep the most hated man in the building in charge of them. He thinks people fear Mr. Albetta but in reality most people just have no respect for him as a professional due to his manipulative nature and general ineptitude as a supervisor. Mr. Albetta’s classic move is to make his subordinates do his work for him and then claim credit for it after. He is especially proud when the social studies department perform well on regents exams as if he had any bearing on those results. Rather than recognize the outstanding teaching ability of his department he gloats about how he is doing a great job. To this day he has never performed a single demonstration lesson in any of the departments he supervises. He also is committing fraud by adding his name to atttendance sheets to make it appear as if he is teaching the CSA required 2 lessons per day in both gym and social studies. He is well known for intimidating teachers, micromanaging his staff and blaming others for his own shortcomings.


7. The Harassment and Removal of Mr. De Cruz

Mr.  De Cruz was a good gym teacher, an excellent basketball coach and good dean. He was well respected by most of the school community and Mr. Albetta resented him for it. Mr. Albetta falsely accused Mr. De Cruz on 2 official occasions and tried to initiate another investigation by proxy through a female teacher. He tried to get Ms. G to claim that Mr. De Cruz was harassing her and file an OEO report against him. Mr. Jimenez did not allow that to go through because he was fond of Mr. De Cruz at the time and he knew Mr. Albetta was behind it. However, Mr. Jimenez eventually turned on Mr. De Cruz at the behest of Mr. Albetta and the end result was shocking and tragic. For the entire story please follow these links:


The Whole Story:

The Proof:

Letters from Mr. De Cruz himself to his former AP Albetta:

In summary, Mr. De Cruz was rated satisfactorily for 4 consecutive school years and was found innocent of every charge Mr. Albetta brought against him. Still he was denied tenure and offered and extension of probation which he was physically assaulted for in the process. He agreed to transfer but Mr. Jimenez forced him to resign by illegally blackmailing him. After speaking with Mr. De Cruz, he did everything in his power to fight back but no one came to his aid. No lawyer would take his case without tenure. The Union actually supported the principal. State Assemblyman never returned his filings. The NYPD refused to investigate the harassment and assault. Worst of all Principal Jimenez and Mr. Albetta have been blacklisting Mr. De Cruz which has kept him on the outskirts of the field of education. Mr. De Cruz graduated at the top of his class in his master’s program for school leadership and is a licensed candidate for principal positions yet Mr. Jimenez threw him under the bus and put it in reverse to run him over again. He remains on the outside looking in, sadly. Ironically, Mr. Jimenez rated Mr. Decruz a 4.8 out of a possible 5.0 in his internship performance citing his poor relationship with his supervisor (Mr. Albetta) as his only cause for concern. In another bizarre twist of fate Mr. Jimenez claimed that Mr. De Cruz would make an excellent principal and praised him endlessly in his final review of Mr. De Cruz’s performance as his direct administrative intern. Yet, when other Principals call for background checks on Mr. De Cruz, Mr. Jimenez speaks poorly of Mr. De Cruz in an ongoing effort to blacklist him from the field of education. There are video recordings of this which will be brought up in a future lawsuit Mr. De Cruz will be bringing against Principal Jimenez for slander / preventing Mr. Decruz from seeking future employment. The saddest outcome of their relationship was that Mr. De Cruz was loyal to Mr. Jimenez for as long as humanly possible until Mr. Jimenez illegally rated Mr. De Cruz unsatisfactory in 2012 despite Mr. De Cruz having outstanding classroom observation reports in addition to the extra-curricular services he provided. Let it be known that Mr. Jimenez stabbed Mr. De Cruz in the back to appease Mr. Albetta which raises the question; WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL OF MCSM?


8. The Harrassment and Removal of Mr. Silvers

The plan to remove Mr. Silvers dates back to the first falling out with Mr. Albetta in 2009. It was clear these men were two different people. Mr. Albetta was a snake in the grass and Mr. Silvers was a Lion of the jungle that was MCSM. However, a snake in the right position can poison and kill a mighty beast like a lion especially if the snake has help from hyenas, which was the case. To save time, refer to Mr. Silver’s personal blog which has all the information and MORE, which will tell the tale; Best hear it from him directly. I would suggest you start from the beginning so you can see the case files from his hearings etc.

To summarize, Mr. Albetta plotted with Mr. Jimenez to remove Silvers because Mr. Silvers had great political influence over the school community and was a figurehead for the school’s union chapter. Mr. Silvers believed in equality, justice and equity. For this he was uprooted from his school. The administration conjured false allegations against Mr. Silvers like they had done to so many others listed earlier in this article. That is their calling card. People they do not like seem to vanish from the school after a long period of harassment. After Mr. Silvers 3020a he was illegally excessed from MCSM despite having building wide seniority over 98% of the members of his department and over 80% seniority over the teachers in the entire building! His right to return was filed shortly thereafter but was scuttled away by Jimenez’s friends in high places. He remains in excess today.


9. The Illegal Excessing of Ms. Mclaughlin

Like Mr. Silvers the war on the union continued when Principal Jimenez illegally excessed outspoken staff members like Ali Mclaughlin. She was one of the school’s best guidance counselors and extremely dedicated to her profession. She was beloved by staff and students alike yet she was cast aside for “budgetary reasons” although she was employed in the DOE for less than 7 years. How bad could the budget have been? Her presence was sorely missed as after she, Mr. Silvers, and Mr. De Cruz were gone the students had fewer staff members to turn to for help. Ms. Mclaughlin was a truly student-centered dedicated professional and she was beloved by her student cohorts.


10. The Illegal Excessing of Ms. Chiavola & Ms. Martinez

Continuing on the same note the teachers mentioned above were also illegally excessed. Both teahers were outstanding in the classroom and Mr. Jimenez was very open about his frontal assault on the English Department. He constantly told others how disappointed he was in their test scores and considered English to be his worst department in the school. What he failed to realize was it was not because of poor teaching. It was because of poor leadership. The AP of the English Department was Ms, Bonnick. Mr. Jimenez basically made her a lame duck AP. He stripped her of her duties to observe and rate teachers and gave those responsibilities to newly hired AP Denise Winchester who was a crony from the very inception of her employment at MCSM. Basically, Jimenez was now in control of the English Department. So the failures of that department fall squarely on his shoulders although to an outsider it would seem that it was Ms. Bonnick who was the failure which was what Mr. Jimenez wanted everyone to believe.


11. The Ostracizing of Ms. Bonnick

I began to touch upon this topic because it was related to what happened to the English Department. It was very clear that Mr. Jimenez wanted English to fail so he could completely renovate the entire department from the top to the bottom and he tried his best. Ms. Bonnick and Mr. Jimenez never spoke. They had no communication whatsoever. She stayed in her office and followed his protocols which were illegal and non-conducive to student success. There was nothing she could do. It was clear Jimenez wanted her to retire but she would not go without keeping her dignity. She did all she could to protect her teachers but her all was not enough under the insurmountable authority of Principal Jimenez. Her veteran and young teachers were under attack from the administration from all angles. Eventually she left but the English department remains in shambles. I could go into what should have been done to support the English Department but it would take too long. I would simply say in a school of 1700 student enrollment with 80% Hispanic demographic it was very clear they needed additional ESL and ELL support as well as better class scheduling to foster a more positive approach to bringing the English Department Testing performance to a better outcome. This never happened and it was all part of a plan to hijack the department and implant loyal supporters of Jimenez there in lieu of great teachers.


12. Confronting Mr. Thomas in the Safety Corridor

This was one of the most pathetic incidents that ever occurred in DOE history. To summarize what happened; Mr. Thomas in retirement created scathing blogs that questioned and insulted the leadership of Mr. Jimenez. One day Mr. Thomas decided to hand out pamphlets with the blog’s address to students OFF of school property. When Mr. Jimenez was informed of this he, Mr. Albetta, Mr. Hernandez, and Mr. Bradley attempted to gang-approach Mr. Thomas and force him off the corner which he had a legal right to be on and behave the way he was. First, he was threatened by the trio without Jimenez being there, then he was confronted from behind by Mr. Jimenez. When the two men shook hands, Mr. Jimenez fell to the floor and pretended that he was being assaulted by the 60+ year old man, Mr. Thomas. This led to the arrest of Mr. Thomas and a criminal case that ensured. For all the complete details and court transcripts refer to this link:

Be sure to view it in chronological order so you can view the case in real time. In summary, it was very clear that The members of the administration all committed perjury and lied under oath as they all gave distinctly different testimonies.

He left the building on SCHOOL TIME, Pretended to be injured by a handshake, missed 2 weeks of work and was never reprimanded for not informing school safety first or stealing city time. The DOE is partially to blame for letting him get away with this.


13. The Harassment and U-Rating of Mr. McCue

Principal Jimenez gave Mr. McCue an unsatisfactory review on his annual performance in 2011-2012. Mr. McCue is the current chapter leader and most highly regarded staff member in terms of professionalism and knowledge. He is the grand wizard of education and a great man. His service to the school as a teacher and role model are unprecedented in the field of education. He SHOULD be the principal. However, Mr. McCue is not a power hungry fear monger and instead chose a life of civil service to remain a teacher. Principal Jimenez resents Mr. McCue more than anything in the world. If Mr. McCue were to pass away god forbid, Jimenez would tango with Mr. Albetta on top of his grave. Because of his hatred for Mr. McCue he gave Mr. McCue his first “unsatisfactory” rating on an annual performance in his entire career. Mr. McCue is considered the best teacher in the school by most of the school community, including staff, students, and parents alike. This action by Mr. Jimenez made it very clear everything he does is out of self interest and not for the good of the school. To boot, he has also filed several frivolous allegations against Mr. McCue like he does to all well-respected teachers in MCSM.


14. The Hiring of Mr. Bradley as Assistant Principal

Mr. Bradley was hired in 2011 as the AP of Special Education. On his first day he said “I know that movies are different than real life and I won’t pretend that this is [Lean on Me]”. He was right. It’s worse. In the last 2 years the school has rapidly declined into a horrible environment for learning. When Jimenez first took over it was just a terrible environment for teachers. Now, with no effective disciplinarians left in the school students are attacking teachers. Students are gambling in several different rings throughout the building. Students are having sex in the hallways after the school and sometimes during. The truancy rate and absentee rate has increased dramatically. The hallways are a total disaster. Violence is on the rise. Essentially, the school turned into a jungle after Jimenez’s 4th year as Principal. Mr. Bradley appeared to be a staunch professional and somewhat of a decent man until he decided to partake in the harassment of Mr. Silvers at the behest of Mr. Jimenez.

Mr. Bradley lost his credibility with the staff when he was ordered to do a demonstration lesson for Mr. Silvers and in doing so began referring to female students as “Sweet, honey, darling, and baby” during the lesson. Mr. Silvers reported this as inappropriate sexual connotation and Mr. Jimenez ignored it. Instead, they U-Rated Mr. Silvers for the school year.

Mr. Bradley made one crucial mistake in his time at MCSM. He engaged in sexual intercourse with a subordinate, Tequested Bhagaloo. At the time she was a paraprofessional for Special Education. Mr. Bradley not only had sex with her but he also promoted her less than 2 years later to a physical education teaching position. Mr. Bradley cheated on his wife and young children and violated the sanctity of his marriage in the workplace. He also exhibited illegal and unprofessional behavior in treating the school like his personal brothel. Of course the tandem will deny the allegations but Ms. Bhagaloo was heard commenting on how much she loved “Bradley’s big white c*ck” and that he was great in bed. There are witnesses and evidence to this.


member_135650602 teq

On a separate occasion in 2011 Mr. Bradley sexually harassed a female student in the National Honor’s Society. He remarked on how attractive she looked and said that she should come visit his office for sex later. When the incident was reported to the Principal he tried to scuttle the accusation to appease the student and save Mr. Bradley. There is tangible proof that this report was filed with the Principal but never officially investigated by the DOE agencies. This is a classic example of how Mr. Jimenez runs his school and protects illegal behavior perpetuated by his cabinet members who are his cronies.

The DOE has no place for men who use their staff for sex.

It would seem that Mr. Bradley isn’t the consummate professional he pretends to be. He also posted an actual student’s IEP in front of the entire staff in one of his first faculty meetings which violated the privacy of that student. You would think an AP of that department would understand the privacy rules regarding IEP’s when it pertains to teachers who do not have that student on their rosters. Mr. Bradley should have used a fake IEP to illustrate his point. For this, he was NEVER reprimanded.


15. Going to Great Adventure on Professional Development Day

See this link for the entire scoop on this one:

How could he get away with this? High level corruption is the only answer.


16. Lying to His Staff

When the budget cuts came in 2011, Principal Jimenez promised to make cuts to his administrative cabinet that were equal in dollar amount to the amount of teachers he had to excess. When the time came over 13 teachers were excessed, discontinued or removed and his administrative cabinet remained in tact. Whatever little credibility he had left was gone after this. It was a sad day to know your friends, colleagues, and good teachers would not be there next year but the corrupt and evil administration would be; Earning 2x as much as everyone else to do half as much work.

On several occasions he claimed that MCSM has only 5% of staff members that were “U-Rateable” but at the end of each year the number of teachers he rates unsatisfactory is always much higher.

Publicly, he tells staff members there is no extra per-session money left and the school is so broke it has to conserve paper! Yet if you attend cabinet meetings which he leaves open for all staff members you will see him spend ten minutes discussing small matters and then telling Ms. Winchester to allocate several per-session hours for his entire cabinet including himself.

The PSAL allocates a small amount of money for each sports team every year. Some teams receive get funding while the vast majority of teams do not. Where is that money going?

He ordered large screen televisions and placed one in the cafeteria. The others mysteriously disappeared. When asked what happened to them he dodges the question.


17. Accusing his Staff of Criminal Activity

Principal Jimenez sent out a mass email telling people that they could no longer engage in conversations with the people at the sign-in desk. He said anyone caught doing so would b considered loitering and face disciplinary response. Ironically it is literally impossible to not “Loiter” by the principal’s definition because the sign-in and sign out sheet is located at the front desk. The result was teachers avoided the front desk all together with basically rendered the sign in protocol useless. This is ineffective leadership on full display.


18. The Illegal Surveillance of School Personnel

Cameras were installed in all the hallways of the building in 2011. The cameras are there to act as a deterrent to criminal activity in the building. Instead the administration uses the surveillance cameras to spy on teachers social interactions. If they find teachers talking to enemies of the administration they take bureaucratic action against them or start witch hunts. Conversely, whenever an event takes place that shows his administration acting illegally he turns a blind eye to it. This is corruption.


19. The Non-Compliance with City Standards Regarding Staff Certification and State Laws

Currently, the school has 4 gym teachers listed on their official budget yet there are 6 teachers teaching full time gym classes in the building. Also, Mr. Emmanuel, the school’s dean and health teacher is not a certified health teacher but has been teaching health for the last 3 years in MCSM. This is budgetary fraud and clear cut non-compliance with state regulations that are in place to ensure students receive the highest quality education.

So he has a gym teacher as AP of Social Studies and a technology certified teacher in charge of health. He’s hiding vacancies and fleecing students in health; arguably one of the most important classes in the school’s curriculum. Also, Mr. Albetta has been giving out free gym credit to students who were missing the requirements to graduate. Mr. Albetta pulled students who were missing the requirement and instead of placing them in gym classes he gave them a one page written assignment to do for the entire semester and in return he granted them gym credit. The state mandates that students received 2-3 40 minute periods of more that involve exercise for 7 semesters of the 8 total in 4 years of enrollment. The other half a semester is allocated for health which is being taught by a non-certified crony. Additionally, Mr. Albetta has the secretaries place his name on ATS bubble sheets so it appears that he is teaching two periods a day but in reality he hasn’t taught 1 single gym class since 2009. He has also never given a demonstration lesson in physical education yet has had the audacity to U-rate teachers in the department. These are facts and there documents and witnesses to support this. This should be investigated thoroughly.

Finally, academic dishonesty is not only a practice the administration engages in but the students engage in it as well. Mr. Albetta turns a blind eye to it because his primary priority is to keep the regents scores high so he looks like an effective leader. There have been several instances where students have failed in their Social Studies classes because they missed the entire semester for cutting and absenteeism yet showed up on the day of the regents and scored in the high 90’s. This happened in 2011-2012 for over 100 students yet no one investigated it.

In his 6 years as principal he, like Mr. Albetta have U-Rated excellent teachers and deemed them unsatisfactory yet neither of the men have demonstrated the level of teaching the expect from their teachers through demonstration lessons. In fact the only administrators who actually teach classes are Mr. Kwan and Mr. Bradley. They have violated so many CSA regulations it is beyond comprehension that he has remained as principal for as long as he has. It is speculated that he has friends in high places who keep him in power for unknown political reasons. Principal Jimenez has been the source of several school-wide scandals including email spying on his staff and using spyware to achieve these goals. He has also illegally used is Principal Procurement Credit Card to fund personal trips to Asia that were non-academic in nature. Simply put, he is draining the city of precious resources while at the same time committed perjury in courts of law as well as DOE hearings. He has also failed to reimburse coaches who have spent money out of pocket and used the school’s tax exempt forms. This is fiscal fraud and monetary misappropriation. He and Mr. Albetta have also engaged in illegal tampering of student poverty forms to ensure more Title funding from the state and federal government and misappropriated substantial amounts of special education funding while claiming the school has no money for paper or for postage to help impoverished students mail out their college applications. These actions contradict his very own mission statement which will be analyzed below.


20. Bankrupting the Entire School Community

The school’s budget is in shambles and since Mr. Jimenez took over he has lost several extra-curriculum programs and after-school programs. Since these programs were lost they were never replaced. As a result each year Mr. Jimenez tries to get teachers to volunteer their extra time for no additional monetary compensation to lead clubs. Some teachers do it, to their credit. However, these clubs are just patchwork and the ship is still sinking. The college office has also been discontinued leaving students to fend for themselves when it comes time to apply for higher education. As if that were not enough, his lone SPARK counselor, John Ayala, is under investigation for sexual misconduct. Essentially, you have a school that has severely limited funding for their sports programs, no college office, makeshift clubs, reduced educational enrichment because of out of license teachers and widespread delinquency and criminal activity occurring in the building. No efforts have been made to bring back these lost programs and no money is allocated towards this goal. Additionally, people who have sat in on his cabinet meetings have witnessed his lies about the minutes he designates for per-session for him and his cabinet as the 42 minute sessions are often cut short but his cronies are still paid in full after being dismissed without fulfilling the full time slots required. There are eyewitnesses who will testify to this. In one breath he states there is no per-session money available and in the next breath he is literally stealing per-session money for his cabinet through theft of services by dismissing them 20 minutes into a 42 minute time slot. On Sundays he allows a non-school related organization to rent out the basketball gym instead of allowing the school to run an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) program to be implemented which would both help raise additional funds and SERVE the students in his school better. Clearly his priorities are not aligned with serving his students first and foremost.Mr. Albetta’s failure to report incidents make the school to spear safe but anyone who works their everyday knows the true school culture and social climate of the building. Simply put, it is no longer a viable institution of learning. Principal Jimenez has been accused of embezzling funds as well. He dismantled the school’s student-teaching programs as well as burning the bridge of the Columbia university program the school used to have. He also abolished staff appreciation day and urges teachers to transfer every year when the open market arrives.

Each year he complains publicly about more budget cuts on the horizon when in reality this is a facade he uses to justify his excess of teachers who oppose him politically. He has never made a single cut to his administrative cabinet in the 6 years he has been principal. What’s worse is his leadership ability. His administrative cabinet is a constant reshuffling of duties that he forces on his administrators so their leadership strategies are in complete disarray. He cooks the books, fixes grades, allows academic dishonesty, illegal credit recovery and manipulates teacher surveys on the environmental surveys.

He failed to find a replacement for the Children’s Aid Society and it seems that student services are vanishing as Jimenez’s reign continues. Currently, he has the Mount Sinai Medical affiliation which consists of ONE school nurse, Nancy Steed, for over 1700 students. Ms. Steed is not in the school after 3pm and students who are injured during sports activities receive no treatment for their injuries. Also, due to the fact that there is only one nurse, Ms. Steed is constantly overwhelmed with the amount of workload she must address. Principal Jimenez has made no efforts to add to his medical staff which clearly illustrates just how little he cares for the health and well being of his staff and students. The money he is embezzling should be used to add more nurses and sports trainers to tend to the many ailments the students, athletes and staff suffer.


21. Locking All The Exits After A Student Attacked a Teacher

After Mr. Emmanuel harassed a student to their breaking point he was attacked and clobbered for his actions. Principal Jimenez sent an email to the staff saying that from now on all exits would be locked to protect the school from “intruders.” This is a violation of the fire commissioner’s code for all buildings in NYC and places thousands of people in harm’s away in the event of a fire. Also, there was no “intruder”. The student is currently enrolled in MCSM.


Finally, let’s analyze Principal Jimenez’s mission statement:


Principal’s Message

“Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics is a unique and very special learning environment. Due to the size of our school and the quality of our teachers, MCSM is able to offer an uncommonly rich educational experience to our students. This is not only true in the programs in science and mathematics that we are noted for, but also in our electives and humanities. Our diverse program is designed to prepare students to apply for any program in higher education that interests them. Additionally, we have a very extensive range of community-based service groups that operate in conjunction with our academic program. We are dedicated to instilling in our students a respect for the values of world community, culture, and ethics.

Students at MCSM are expected to continue on to higher education. This is why we have one of the largest and most comprehensive Advanced Placement Programs of any high school in New York City. Our College Office, with its full-time staff, works year round to assist students with their selection of colleges. Over 90 percent of our graduates go on to college, including some of the most prestigious universities in our nation. In addition, MCSM received high grades overall and a Silver Medal Rating in a report on America’s Best High Schools. This places us among the top 3% of high schools in the nation.

Our individual students, our teachers, and our programs have been, and will continue to be recognized for their achievements. We are extremely proud of a program that will continue to produce students who are creative problem solvers, life-long learners, and committed to a sense of self-realization and community.”

For starters the quality of the school’s teachers has greatly diminished over the last 6 years so his second sentence is a bold-faced lie. The school’s electives and humanity programs are average at best and nothing to boast about. In fact there are very few electives offered at all. After the college office was dismantled how can he state that the school is designed to prepare students for higher education? This is another lie.

He goes on to say they are dedicated to instilling values, culture, and ethics for the world community. I find that hard to believe when your administration is not aligned based on their content knowledge, committing academic fraud, having sex with subordinates and lying to investigative agencies about teachers on Jimenez’s hit list. He has racist supervisors who engage in sexual misconduct and drug use. I would beg to differ about where his dedications lie.

His second paragraph is all fluff and lies. The reason the students do so well in MCSM is because of Mr. Salek. He personally undertakes the screening process and handpicks students from all 5 boroughs for admission into MCSM. The school is blessed to have brilliant students and they do well because they’re aptitude is far beyond what the school’s programs expectations are. It’s like a sports team with a bad owner. They can still win if they have good players but if the owner is not doing the right thing then he is doing a disservice to the franchise.

His final statement is a complete farce. He does not recognize the achievements of his staff members. In fact he eliminated staff appreciation day. Also, every year in April when the open-market transfer period begins he sends a mass email to his entire staff and encourages them to seek “greener pastures.” He does this because he wants to get rid of every teacher that doesn’t kiss his ass. This is a fact. For every teacher that leaves he can hire his friends. He’s running a social club over there, not a school.

He has no allegiance to his school community or the larger community the students will enter into when they leave that school. In fact the community has protested against Principal Jimenez on 4 separate occasions in 6 years. Just recently a student attacked Mr. Emmanuel after he was being incessantly harassed by the lone dean in the school.

I ask you this. If the students are cutting, gambling, fighting, and having sex within the school are they really being prepared to become good citizens of any community?

If his administration is fudging numbers, having sex with subordinates, lying during investigations and in court are they really acting as role models for the students?


When you have no discipline in the school and your focus is on union-busting instead of educational based galvanizing for all staff members how can you achieve the proposed message he states as fact?

When you have your administration cheating on their wives with colleagues are you sending the right message to your students?

When you have a suffering athletic program are you really fostering a positive school culture?

When you hire friends and cronies instead of the best possible candidates are you really doing what’s best for the students?

When you reward cronyism with coaching positions they aren’t qualified for are you really helping the students?

When you claim your school is broke and start slashing your budget by removing great experienced teachers, are you really supportive of your staff?

The only thing realistic about his message is that MCSM students are unique in the sense that they are self realized people and they do realize that they are being cheated out of a quality high school experience and education. They know better. They know Principal Jimenez is the anti-thesis of a school leader. Quite often students will say “Who is that little guy weaseling around, I’ve never seen him before?” are you really a good role model? When you can’t name ten of your students’ names are you really involved? If you spend most of your day viewing surveillance cameras and meeting with cronies in your tiny office in a secluded corner of the building, are you really involved in their lives?